Wyze Camera Error Code 90: How To Fix It

The WYZE home security system is an award-winning smart security camera for use indoors or out to oversee and around your home or office. Upon ordering the system your box will arrive with everything you need to set up and use immediately.

With a very user-friendly interface, you will be up and operating in minutes! This inexpensive camera features a crisp, clear image for viewing visitors or trespassers, it offers 1080p color night vision, it mounts quickly and easily, and it also offers a mini alarm for added security and 2-way talk capabilities.

You can set motion detection zones and it features 2/7 recording capability. The WYZE camera also features a sleek, stylish look!

Wyze Error Code 90

The WYZE security smart camera system has many functions and features that will add benefits. One of the best features of the WYZE is its capability to tell you what’s wrong if there is a problem. When a problem does exist, you will see an error code on the display screen of your new WYZE camera.

While most errors are related to connectivity issues this system walks you through how to fix these errors by yourself. Most often these cameras are very easy to troubleshoot should problems arise.

Expert Tip: The camera’s software will provide you with an error code and instructions on what the problem is and how to fix it following easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

What Is Wyze Error 90?

Once you receive your WYZE camera you simply follow the enclosed detailed instructions to get it set up and running. Sometimes, however, as with any electronic device, you may see an error code on the screen upon start-up.

After the initial startup, you may see an error code, but there are instructions to decipher what the codes mean and how to fix them. This is the system’s way of telling you something isn’t quite right. Let’s say, for instance, you receive error code 90 on your camera’s screen when it’s finished initializing.

You can check the manual and instructions for error codes there, check them out online and even chat with a service representative if necessary but rest assured you’ll have everything you need to get it up and running. If you are a self-starter, you will find these codes and fixes quite easy to navigate.

What Causes Wyze Error Code 90?

The error codes are usually due to a connectivity issue but the WYZE cameras screen clearly displays the error code with problem resolution and it is a warning to alert you of a connectivity issue with your device. Your camera cannot work properly offline.

How To Fix Wyze Error Code 90?

The first thing you’ll want to do is power cycle or hard restart the camera. This can be done by simply unplugging the camera and waiting about 15 to 20 seconds before plugging it back in and allowing it to completely restart.

Most often this will fix the issue and get you operating correctly so you can begin to enjoy your new device. This procedure can usually fix most error codes and it’s easy to always try it first.

If that didn’t fix the issue check your internet connection. You can easily check your internet connection by searching for anything on your phone just to check the connection. If the other device isn’t working it’s an internet issue. Try restarting your router to pick up your signal again.

When you restart your modem, allow it several minutes offline so it can completely reset. Upon restart and when all lights are green on your modem, you’re ready to try the camera connection again.

Once you’re connected, repeat the hard restart on your camera again by unplugging the device, and waiting about 20 seconds for the restarting to reset the connection. If the other test device works properly online then move on to the next step.

Hard restart WYZE camera
Hard restart WYZE camera

For some people, simply deleting their camera app and setting it up again can resolve connectivity issues. Deleting your camera is easy, just open the app and click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner under settings, click delete, and click again to confirm.

Then press and hold the reset button on the bottom of the device for about 20 seconds or until you hear “Ready to connect” from the camera. Select “new device” in the app and then enter your network name and password. Once complete scan the QR code with your camera from your phone.

Give the camera a name in the app (to avoid confusion later when you add more cameras to your system) and you should be all set.

In some extreme cases, it is necessary to flash new firmware directly to the camera’s SD card. Basically, this means that the firmware on the camera isn’t working correctly or is out of date.

To flash new firmware just means changing the version of the app you have to one that works with your system. To achieve this, you’ll need to reformat your SD card.

Caution: if it isn’t formatted correctly, it will not work so follow the directions exactly. Before you follow these directions, the Micro SD card needs to be formatted as FAT or FAT32. Unplug the device and remove the SD card.

Place the SD card into your computer (you may need an adapter, depending on the connection of your computer). Online you will find all the firmware versions listed, by searching your device’s model number you will know you have located the right version.

Once you locate your exact device and download the correct version to the SD card. Re-name the file “Demo.bin” and add it to your camera’s SD card. With the camera unplugged, reinsert the SD card back into the camera. Plug in the device and reset it with the button on the bottom of the device.

Hold the reset button down until it says it’s ready to connect, this may take a few minutes. The light on the camera should be blinking yellow. Now just set the app up on your computer again, following the prompts as requested.


Hopefully, you’re all set up and running but if not, there are more options. It’s understandable that error codes can be problematic and can cause frustration but don’t give up. If you haven’t been able to find a resolution you can always contact customer support for their assistance.

Simply complete a work order and a technician will walk you through the steps necessary to get your camera up and running successfully. The WYZE camera system is a home security necessity these days, the peace of mind it provides is unbeatable for the price.

You can enjoy more stress-free days once it is working properly with the security it provides. Thanks so much for choosing the WYZE security camera.

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