The TCL TV Won’t Turn On: Here’s What You Need to Do

A blank TV screen is not entertaining. I’ll teach you what to do in this troubleshooting guide.

If your TCL TV won’t turn on when you try to use it. These speedy and straightforward solutions should remedy the majority of the typical black screen problems experienced by TCL Roku TVs or, at the very least, point you in the direction of more support resources.

TCL TV Wont Turn On

A TCL TV won’t turn on. How can you fix it?

First of all, RELAX AND TRY NOT TO STRESS! Problems with the electrical system can frequently be solved without the need to bring in an electrician. The user may fix the vast majority of power problems themselves at home, eliminating the need for warranty support.

1. Examine your TCL television’s Status Light

It’s likely that your TV has a status LED located in the bottom center of the bezel. This is a built-in function of every TCL Smart TV and will allow us to figure out what’s wrong with your set.

The indicator light could be:

  • If the TV is turned off or in standby mode, the screen will be a uniform white.
  • A television that is either off or blinking is not on.

Put the TCL remote in the TV’s pointing direction and hit a button. If the television is on, that should make the indicator light blink. There is either a problem with the electricity going to the TV or a connection problem between the remote and the TV if it isn’t responding to your commands.

2. Utilize the Power Button to Turn Off and On Your TCL TV

In the event that the TV won’t power on when you press the button on the remote, you may want to check the actual power button on the device itself.
It’s typically situated at the TV’s rear or behind it.

Simply pressing the power button twice will switch you off and then back on your TV. After this, your TV may switch on, but if it doesn’t, try the next step.

3. Try Another Power Outlet

Unplug the power cord of the television and then attempt to turn it on.
Unplug the power cord of the television and then attempt to turn it on

There are times when it is not the television or the cables that are damaged, but rather the power outlet itself.

Unplug the power cord of the television and then attempt to turn it on by plugging in something else. It is possible that the power outlet is dead if the device you are attempting to use does not turn on.

Changing the plug on your device should get it back to functioning normally.

4. Examine Your Cables for Tearing

The frayed cords of the devices are a second cause of why they won’t turn on.
Cables can fray or break inside over time if they are subjected to several loads.

Whether your device does not switch on, examine each wire to see if it is frayed on the exterior or if the ports are broken. If the lines are in good condition, the problem may lie with the ports.

Expert Tip: Visit the hardware store in your area if you have any suspicions that harm is occurring within. They will be equipped with specialized instruments to inspect the damage done on the inside.

5. Change the Batteries in Your TCL Television Remote

Make sure always to use high-quality, high-capacity batteries.
Make sure always to use high-quality, high-capacity batteries.

Even though this is the easiest thing to do, there are occasions when we need to remind ourselves to do it. If your TV doesn’t turn on when you use the remote, check to see if the batteries are still good.

Also, make sure always to use high-quality, high-capacity batteries when you change the batteries in your remote. This will prevent battery leaks and keep your remote running longer.

6. Clean the Dust Out Of Your TCL TV

When dirt and dust get inside electronics, it can cause a lot of problems.
When dirt and dust get inside electronics, it can cause a lot of problems.

When dirt and dust get inside electronics, it can cause a lot of problems.
Since the connectors that send power and data in electronics are susceptible, dust can stop your cables from working right.

Use a small brush or an electronics cleaning kit to get rid of all the dust on your TV. Be careful and clean ports and power points slowly because too much force can damage the connectors so much that they can’t be fixed.

Does a TCL TV contain a reset button?

The connector panel that’s located on the back of your TCL TV is likely where you’ll find the button that resets the device. To press the release button, you can use anything from paper clips to specialized tools meant to evacuate SIM cards.

Factory Reset Your TV

TCL televisions provide a helpful solution for getting around the requirement that you be able to see the menu in order to perform a factory reset on the TV. Check to see that your television is correctly connected to its power supply.

You’ll find the button to reset the TV on the back of the device. It’s a tiny pinhole that’s typically located directly above the HDMI or USB ports on most devices.

Maintaining pressure on the reset button for the full minute is required. In order to complete this stage, you will need a paper clip or another object of comparable thickness.

Now give the TV another try by turning it on. Any problems with the software or the firmware should now be resolved. Since we have already tested the cords, the power source, and the input sources, the TV panel itself is presumably the source of any problems that still exist at this point.

Bottom Line

To sum up, there are many things that could be preventing your TCL TV from turning on. But most of them are easy fixes that you can do yourself. If something more serious has happened, you can always contact your local hardware store or TCL support.

Also, when buying cables for your TV, make sure always to purchase high-quality ones because they are less likely to fray or get damaged and will last much longer.
Additionally, it could be a wise decision to see if your home has voltage fluctuations that could cause devices to stop working over time.

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