My Roomba Won’t Charge: Here’s How To Fix It

Roomba’s are amazing products that can clean your apartment or house without you lifting a finger. But like with any technology, they can have issues. While saying that, if your Roomba not charging, there are ways that you can fix it. So without further ado, let’s dive into some possible solutions.

Roomba Not Charging

4 ways to fix Roomba not charging

4 ways to fix Roomba not charging
4 ways to fix Roomba not charging

1. Try another power outlet

If your Roomba doesn’t seem to be charging, it could be the power outlet that is faulty and not the device itself. It sounds simple enough but it is something that you might have failed to check if your Roomba not charging.

Sometimes the simplest option is the one that you need to take so you should try this before even trying anything else. If you don’t see the power lights flashing on the device when it is plugged in, it is likely that the power outlet has tripped.

Try plugging it in somewhere else in your home and also make sure that the connection is pushed in tightly and see if that works.

2. Clean the electrical contact points

Clean the electrical contact points
Clean the electrical contact points

Even though the Roomba itself will clean without you doing any of the work, you still need to give the device some TLC from time to time to make sure that it is working and performing to its best.

The electrical contacts are known to form an oxide layer regularly, which means that dust and other debris can form on the charging port. It is really easy to clean the contact points though and all you need to do is use a clean microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol on the affected areas.

Do this every few days to make sure that your Roomba is charging the way that it should be! If you don’t have to rub alcohol, a magic eraser will also do the trick. Both these ingredients will clean the contact points without doing any damage.

Expert Tip: Make sure that you unplug the home base before you clean the contact points to avoid electric shocks.

3. Clean the docking station

If there is not a sufficient power supply going into your Roomba, this could be one of the reasons why it is not charging correctly. If dust has accumulated in the charging station, it could be stopping a connection between the ports and outlets. You can clean the docking station by following these steps.

  • Turn the Roomba over and take it off the docking wheel.
  • Make sure that the wheel itself is clear of debris.
  • Use rubbing alcohol and a cloth to clean the docking station and associated outlets.

4. Reposition the battery or reset your Roomba

It is possible that the battery has shifted out of place in your Roomba and just needs repositioning, which is very easy to do. You can get into the battery compartment of your device by removing five screws in the back.

Reposition the battery in place tightly if you need to do so and then put the screws back in to close the device. It is also possible that your Roomba not charging because it needs a factory reset and you can find out exactly how to do this later in the article.

How long does a Roomba battery last?

How long does a Roomba battery last
How long does a Roomba battery last?

One of the great selling points about the Roomba is its battery can last hundreds of cleaning hours so you do not have to worry about replacing it often, or even at all depending on how much you use it. Of course, it is important that you take proper care of the device and the battery.

For every time that you run the Roomba and set it to clean, it should last for at least one to two hours. If you are not using your Roomba for a while for one reason or another, removing the battery can help in prolonging its life.

Once you use the device regularly, you will get to know your Roomba and if you have a feeling that there is something wrong with the battery, you might want to replace it or at least look at the issue a little closer.

How do I reset my Roomba?

Resetting your Roomba is really easy to do.
Resetting your Roomba is really easy to do.

Resetting your Roomba is really easy to do and if none of the other methods have worked in making your device charge, this could be what you need to do and it is much easier than you might think. Simply follow the next steps in order to do a factory reset and you will be ready to go in no time.

The entire process of resetting the Roomba takes around 10 seconds but there is something that you might need to keep in mind before you do it. If you do a reset, the device will go back to its default factory settings so some of the settings that you might have programmed into the device will be gone.

  • Hold the clean button down on your Roomba for 20 seconds.
  • Keep an eye on the indicator and when the light flashes, release it and the device should restart.

How do I reset my Roomba battery?

It might not be the Roomba itself that is the problem, but rather the battery. Fixing this can also fix the issue of Roomba not charging so to do that, just follow these steps.

  • Remove the battery from the case.
  • Press and hold the clean button on your Roomba for between 5 and 15 seconds.
  • Put the battery back in the device and charge it for 16 hours until the green indicator light comes back on.

Expert Tip: If you have a newer version of Roomba, the process of resetting the battery is quite similar but you should hold the clean button until the code r 5 6 is displayed and also wait for a reset tone on the device.

How do I know if my Roomba battery is dead?

How do I know if my Roomba battery is dead
How do I know if my Roomba battery is dead

It is really easy to figure out if your Roomba battery is dead or not and if the device is not powering on at all, it’s probably because the battery is dead. But if you want to be sure, you can try the following. Press the clean button once and keep in mind the different colors.

If it flashes green, it means that it is fully charged. If it comes up amber, it shows that the device is in cleaning mode, and if the power light is red. that means the battery is drained and needs charging.

Obviously, if there is a problem with your Roomba and it won’t charge, you need to try the different methods that have been described previously until you figure out what the problem is.

It is fairly easy to see when your Roomba battery is dead and for a thorough clean through your apartment, it is best to make that it is charged fully beforehand.

How do I know if my Roomba battery needs replacing?

How do I know if my Roomba battery needs replacing?
How do I know if my Roomba battery needs replacing?

The Roomba devices and all matching components are known to be very high quality but nothing works forever, and all electronics do have a lifespan. If you have such a top-of-the-range product, it is going to be important to you that it stays that way!

It could be time to replace your Roomba battery altogether if the battery is draining way quicker than it should be. If the battery indicator light doesn’t come on or it doesn’t stay on, it’s a big sign that you should replace the battery immediately.

Expert Tip: The good news is that the battery is nowhere near as expensive as the Roomba itself and you can get a new one reasonably priced online, or in a physical store.

What do the different lights on the Roomba mean?

What do the different lights on the Roomba mean?
What do the different lights on the Roomba mean?

There are different colored lights on Roomba devices and getting to know the different lights and what they mean could make a big difference if you are experiencing problems with your Roomba not charging. So with that in mind, let’s look at the different colors and exactly what they mean.

Keep in mind that in addition to these lights showing on the device itself, the charging status will also show on the associated Roomba app if you have connected it using wifi.

  • Flashing red – The battery is low and you should charge it ASAP.
  • Red – The battery is completely drained and needs charging.
  • Green – The battery is fully charged and ready to use.
  • Flashing amber – The battery is charging.
  • Quick amber pulse – The battery is on a 16-hour deep charge.

How long does a Roomba battery last

If you own or are thinking about owning a Roomba, you may have some questions about it. One of the main things people usually want to know when it comes to owning a Roomba is how long the battery life is. The overall battery life of a Roomba should be somewhere between 1 and 2 years.

The battery life of a Roomba and the time it can spend cleaning in one period is a few hours if fully charged. There are ways to ensure your Roomba keeps a charged battery and lasts you the full amount of time. Some of these ways include keeping your Roomba well maintained and on charge when not in use.

By not running your Roomba battery all the way dead, you can also increase the length of time your battery lasts overall. To learn more about your Roomba and the battery life, refer to your Roomba owner’s manual.

How many years does a Roomba battery last?

Roomba battery will last from two to six years.
Roomba battery will last from two to six years.

If used with proper care, a Roomba battery will last from two to six years. If you follow the succeeding guidelines, it will serve you with hundreds of charging cycles before calling it quits.

Use the Roomba on a regular basis

It gets its power from a rechargeable technology. So this means you extend its energy life when you use it frequently.

Maintain the cleanliness of the brushes

Don’t allow the brushes to be clogged with hair and other kinds of debris and dirt. If your Roomba will be straining with the use of more power when clogged, the battery power will last shorter.

Plug in your Roomba when not using it

When at rest, make sure that your Roomba is docked in your Home Base® if you have one. If not, plug it into an APS fast charger.

Follow these reminders and you will maximize the lifespan of your Roomba battery.

Does Roomba Light Stay On When Charging?

Does Roomba Light Stay On When Charging
Does Roomba Light Stay On When Charging?

Generally, lights won’t be seen on the Roomba when you are charging it. This has the objective of conserving energy. But if there is a problem, the Roomba will sense it, and instead, a blinking troubleshooting light will be seen. But sometimes, it depends on the Roomba model that you have.

Expert Tip: Both the i3 and the i3+ models don’t have any light on while charging. But if you’ve got the Roomba 500 and 600 series in your stead, these models will show you blinking lights that occur every 4 seconds during the charging process.

Meanwhile, if you’re using the 700, 800, and 900 Roomba models, there will be a blinking light that will be shown during the initial 60 seconds of the charging cycle. To be more sure of the meaning of the lights, refer to the manual of the Roomba model that you have purchased.


If your Roomba not charging, hopefully, the steps in this article have been helpful in sorting out the issue. You might be panicking that the device is broken if it’s not charging but that is likely not the case and it is very easy to solve in most cases.

Before you replace the battery or buy a new Roomba, consider cleaning the device or resetting it. Try all the different methods that have been mentioned and if you still don’t have any luck you might need to contact the manufacturer.

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