Review Guidelines

Welcome to SmartHouseColony, your go-to resource for reliable, in-depth reviews on tech gadgets and how-to guides for fixing and maintaining technology in your home. From televisions and refrigerators to gaming consoles, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we outline our review guidelines to provide insight into how we select, evaluate, and recommend products.


At SmartHouseColony, our overarching goal is to provide you with reliable, unbiased, and comprehensive reviews that help you make informed decisions. We recognize that the trust you place in our reviews is paramount, and these guidelines are designed to ensure we continue to earn that trust. We’re committed to examining every facet of a product—be it performance, safety, or cost—to give you the most well-rounded advice.

What We Do

Regulatory Advice

In niches governed by specific regulations or standards, we adhere closely to guidelines set by the relevant bodies. For example:

  • Our smart home device reviews follow the latest FCC regulations.
  • Our reviews of electric appliances are in accordance with Energy Star guidelines.


Our reviews are typically “Hands-On” and based on exhaustive research. Even if we can’t get our hands on every product, we take multiple steps to ensure accuracy and reliability:

  • We comb through customer ratings and reviews to gauge public opinion.
  • We’re an active part of tech communities, taking into account user feedback.
  • We consult with industry experts to understand the nitty-gritty of each product.

Example Review:

In our recent review of a popular 4K TV, we not only tested the product in various lighting conditions but also cross-referenced our findings with customer reviews and talked to an industry expert about OLED vs. QLED technology.

Brand History

The credibility of a brand plays a significant role in our reviews:

  • We monitor for any recalls or manufacturing issues related to the brand.
  • We prefer products from reputable companies with high quality standards.

Quality & Safety

We never compromise on the quality and safety of the products we recommend:

  • We ensure all recommended appliances have safety certifications.
  • Our gaming console recommendations always take overheating and electrical safety into account.

Pricing and Positioning

We understand our audience has a range of budgets:

  • While we recommend premium products, we justify why the higher price tag is warranted.
  • We offer options for various budgets but never compromise on quality.


We aim for recommendations that are accessible to most people:

  • Our recommended products are generally available for shipping throughout the USA.
  • Whenever possible, we suggest products that also offer international shipping.

What We Don’t Do


We maintain our objectivity:

  • We do not write reviews in exchange for monetary compensation.
  • Any sponsored content is clearly labeled as such.


Our reviews are grounded in fact:

  • We never recommend unregulated or unsafe products.
  • Any claims we make are backed by scientific evidence.

Ethical Concerns

We are committed to ethical reviewing:

  • We never recommend products with questionable environmental practices.
  • We avoid suggesting products that use harmful or toxic materials.

By adhering to these guidelines, we strive to make SmartHouseColony a trusted source for tech reviews and how-to guides. Thank you for your trust and readership.