Hisense Roku TV Troubleshooting: Common Issues And How To Fix Them

Watching television has become a part of our daily lives. When we wake up from sleep, we automatically turn on the television and tune in to the news to start the day. When we are at school or work, we are very excited to go home so we can keep in touch with our favorite drama series.

On weekends, we can hear our father cheering victoriously while watching TV as his favorite football team wins the league. Businesses use widescreen television to air their advertisements. Television is everywhere. Through the years, TVs have developed and improved in response to the growing market demand.

However, your new Hisense U80G ULED has no signs that it is working. What could the possible reasons be?

Of course, it is necessary to check if the power cord is properly installed on the TV before opening up possible issues, but in the event that the power cord is sitting perfectly at the back, here’s why Hisense TV won’t turn on.

Hisense TV Not Turning On

1. Power supply problems

This may be because of your power delivery system.
Hisense TV won’t turn on because of your power delivery system

If your Hisense TV won’t turn on, it is probably because the specific amount of power needed to turn on the television is not met. This may be because of your power delivery system. A household may experience power supply interruptions because of inclement weather.

If you are living in an area where storms or heavy rains are frequent, chances are your power supply will be interrupted multiple times per month. Your location also contributes to power supply interruptions. If you are situated in a place where there is a weak power grid infrastructure, you are prone to electrical issues.

A possible interruption of the power supply may also happen if a household uses too many appliances all at once. This can cause the circuit breaker to trip. Thus, your appliances will be useless. Do take note that if it happens to one appliance only, it may be due to loose wires.

Speaking of loose wires, if your power supply outlet smells burned, is hot to the touch, or sparks every time you use it, it could be due to loose wires or worn-out receptacles. You may seek the help of an electrician to have it inspected as it may potentially cause a fire.

2. Hardware Issues

Hisense has pretty decent hardware and software, just right for the price. However, the hardware of Hisense TV, and televisions in general, can greatly affect the transmission of electric signals and even the flow of current, causing your TV to not operate.

Expert Tip: To verify, try troubleshooting your television. If the red light does not appear as you troubleshoot, it is the hardware that prevents your television from opening.

3. The TV remote is faulty

A TV remote control becomes faulty when it is low on batteries.
TV Remote Is Faulty

A TV remote control becomes faulty when it is low on batteries. So if it does not respond or control your Hisense television, it is time to change your batteries. Electronics, lighting, or anything that blocks the sensor of your remote can also cause it to be faulty by interfering with the signals.

Make sure that you turn off any external components near the TV, or better yet, remove all the objects that can block the beam of your remote control. You should also ensure that your remote control is receiving a signal.

To confirm, do this easy test on your mobile phones. First, get your mobile phone and open your camera. Second, use the remote control on your mobile phone as if you are using it on television. Press random buttons on your remote control. If there is a red light on your mobile phone, that means the remote still functions.

Now that we know the possible reasons for the issue, it is time to look at alternative solutions to get it fixed. Here are things you can do to get your Hisense TV working:

Reset your Television

Configurations may hinder your television from opening.
Configurations may hinder your television from opening.

Configurations may hinder your television from opening. A device blinking but not turning on indicates that configuration issues are the source of your problem. Delete all configuration files by unplugging your TV, waiting 60 seconds, and then plugging it back in. If it still does not turn on, follow these steps:

  1. First, try clearing the television by disconnecting the power cable and any devices connected to your Hisense.
  2. Locate the television’s power button. Once you find it, hold the power button for 30 seconds with enough pressure.

Do not turn on the TV yet. You must still wait 20 minutes before turning on the TV with the power button. Please do not use the remote.

Find a good wall outlet to use

If the wall outlet does not receive enough power supply, it won’t really help you with your problem. Find another wall outlet that works. Also, try to contact an electrician to fix the faulty wall outlet to avoid accidents.

Get your remote fixed

As previously stated, low batteries can result in a faulty remote control. Remove the old batteries, then try pushing all the buttons again at least twice before installing the new batteries. Again, remove all the electronics and lighting that may interrupt the beam signal of the remote.

Ensure that your power source is in good working order. Replace the power adapter and power cord. Check if your cable is working.

Check for possible issues with your power source if the current still does not reach the television. Start using wall outlets and not strips and dividers when plugging in your television.

Expert Tip: Try to replace your adapter and cord. Adapters do not have signs of malfunctioning, so it is safer to replace them right away.

On the other hand, cords may have physical damage and show signs of short-circuiting. Lastly, check if the cable is functional by:

  1. Plugging in the power cord to the wall outlet.
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to your Hisense television.
  3. Twist and play around with the cable by plugging it in and out in a back-and-forth manner. Try to do this as gently as possible.

Backlight and Power Supply Board

Backlights are responsible for the images you see on TV
Backlights are responsible for the images you see on TV

If you are using an LCD screen, check the backlight of the television. Backlights are responsible for the images you see on TV. This may also be the reason why your television does not seem to turn on. First, plug in and turn on your TV.

Have your flashlight with you and try to beam it directly to the television screen about 1 to 2 inches away. If you see an image, then the backlight is the problem. However, it is recommended not to have it repaired unless it is brand new and expensive.

Perform a hard reset

If the issue still occurs, conduct a factory reset on your television. By doing this, all the installed applications will be removed and the settings will be reset. You can find the reset button in the small hole. Do not worry it is usually labeled so you won’t have a difficult time finding it, press it for 30 seconds until the TV restarts.

Inquire with Hisense customer service about your issue

Do not hesitate to contact the company of your television through their customer service. They give advice on what to do with your unit in case a problem occurs.
Technical issues are inevitable, and it may be difficult to address them depending on the root of the problem.

The solutions mentioned above can be easily done by anyone. However, if none of this works, do not be ashamed to seek professional help. Repairing televisions or other electronic devices on your own may exacerbate the problem.

Companies recognize that, no matter how hard they work to perfect their products, problems will always arise. That is why they always have customer support in line for those who have concerns about the products that they market. Most companies offer warranties as a remedy in case there are factory defects.

Let us not bring the Hisense down for this. Even well-known companies have to deal with this scenario all the time, Samsung, LG, and Sony were once on the same level as Hisense before achieving the global success that they now enjoy.

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