Spectrum Modem Not Connecting: How To Fix It

Spectrum Modem Not Online

We’ve all been there, you’re all set for a night of binge-watching your favorite show or you have an important Zoom meeting, and boom, your internet fails. That flashing light on your Spectrum modem indicating it’s not online can be a real mood dampener. But don’t worry most times, it’s something you can troubleshoot and … Read more

How To Stop Spinning Blue Light On Alexa: A Full Guide

Alexa Spinning Blue Light

Technology today has revolutionized our lives, making tasks easier and smarter. Among these advancements, Amazon’s Echo devices, often referred to as ‘Alexa’, have gained significant popularity. Their user-friendly interface and versatile functionality make them a staple in many households. However, users occasionally find themselves puzzled by Alexa’s multicolored light signals. In particular, Alexa’s spinning blue … Read more

Blinking Orange Light On Xfinity Modem

Xfinity Router Blinking Orange

We all rely heavily on the internet for our daily activities, be it for work, social connections, or entertainment. A steady and uninterrupted internet connection is therefore crucial. As an Xfinity user, you may have noticed your router blinking orange at times. This can raise concerns as it is usually green or white. So, what … Read more