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Thomas Moore

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IT Technician
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  • Seasoned IT Support Technician with specialized expertise in Network/Server Support and Data Backup and Recovery.
  • Holds a Master of Computer Science degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • Writing featured in industry-leading platforms such as CNET, PCMAG, and SmartHouseColony.


Thomas Moore is an accomplished IT Support Technician with a focus on Network and Server Support, as well as Data Backup and Recovery. Contributing his insights to SmartHouseColony, Thomas merges his daily hands-on experience in tech support with a customer-centric writing approach.

Spotting User Challenges

Leveraging his day-to-day interactions in technical support, Thomas identifies common challenges and bottlenecks that users encounter. He maintains an evolving list of these issues, ensuring that his articles are always timely, practical, and most importantly, problem-solving.

Crafting Content

Beginning with an intricate outline, Thomas adheres to a "problem-solution-advantage" framework in his writing. This strategic approach enables readers to quickly identify the relevance of an article, find the solution they need, and understand its benefits.

Tested Solutions

Incorporating detailed walkthroughs, screenshots, and video tutorials, Thomas adds a layer of credibility and trustworthiness to his articles, making them a go-to resource for technical advice.

Relatability and Reach

Fully aware of the varying technological aptitude of his readers, Thomas employs a style of writing characterized by empathy and clarity. He often uses real-world analogies to demystify complex technical jargon, with the goal of making tech easily accessible to all.

Guiding Philosophy

At the core of Thomas's writing is the philosophy of "Empowering Users Through Knowledge." He aspires to use his unique perspective to help SmartHouseColony become a universally trusted guide for those seeking to master the complexities of modern technology.


Thomas earned his Master of Computer Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). A lifelong learner, Thomas is consistently abreast of the latest advancements in the tech world.

Personal Interests

Away from the tech realm, Thomas is an avid home brewer, a cycling enthusiast, a podcast aficionado, a culinary experimenter, and a fan of retro video games. These diverse hobbies not only offer a break from his tech-heavy work but also enrich his holistic approach to problem-solving and writing.

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