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Welcome to SmartHouseColony

Your one-stop source for all things related to fixing technology in homes. From a detailed understanding of IoT devices to hands-on solutions for your common tech troubles, we are here to guide you through the maze of home technology.

Mission Statement

The SmartHouseColony Mission

Our mission is to empower homeowners to understand, troubleshoot, and harness the power of technology in their living spaces. We aim to become the platform where DIY enthusiasts and home technology novices alike can find reliable, straightforward advice.

How SmartHouseColony Aims to Fulfill Our Mission

We accomplish this through our meticulously written tutorials, step-by-step guides, and problem-solving articles, backed by our community’s shared experiences and wisdom.

Our Story

The History of SmartHouseColony

What started in 2021 as a labor of love has now blossomed into a dynamic team committed to helping people fix technology at home. From our first few troubleshooting guides to now boasting over 200 articles, our journey has been both fulfilling and exciting.

Founder’s Background and Motivation for SmartHouseColony

SmartHouseColony was born out of a desire to make technology in homes accessible and easy to manage. We don’t just view this as a blog; it’s our life’s work dedicated to empowering others.

The Evolution and Growth of SmartHouseColony

We’ve evolved from modest beginnings to a comprehensive platform that tackles a wide range of topics in home technology, thanks to a dedicated team and a community that resonates with our mission.

Who We Are

Our team is a diverse mix of tech enthusiasts, electrical engineers, DIY hobbyists, and writers. Each one of us brings a unique perspective, making sure you receive well-rounded and accurate advice.

Our Responsibility

Editorial Integrity

Our integrity is what steers us forward. The guiding principles of SmartHouseColony include:

  • Passion for Authenticity: Through in-depth research and rigorous fact-checking.
  • Independence: We maintain a fine line between editorial content and advertisements.
  • Diversity of Voice: Via a diverse team and welcoming contributions from guest writers.
  • Commitment to Innovation: By staying updated with the latest in home technology trends.
  • Engagement with our Community: We listen to you, valuing your feedback and questions.
  • Transparency: Mistakes can happen, and we are committed to correcting them openly.

Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

We are upfront about our affiliate partnerships. Any sponsored article will be clearly indicated.

Our Eco-Friendly Commitment

We are staunch supporters of sustainable and eco-friendly technology. We encourage our readers to make green choices and strive to offset our own digital footprint.

Connect With Us

Join the SmartHouseColony community across various platforms. Whether you want to email us, or connect through social media, we’re open to your feedback, inquiries, or just a chat about the latest advancements in home technology.

Elliot Moore

Hi there!

I am Elliot, and I live and breathe technology. I started my career as the lead of an IT department. After I bought my first home, I wanted to spice up my home with tech. Now, I get the privilege of teaching people around the world about how they can fix & improve their home technology.

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Olivia Pilmore


My name is Olivia and I am a Tech nerd. My house is decked with everything Smart, from the doorbell to the fridge. I am privileged to be on the SmartHouseColony team where I get to help people from around the world fix gadgets around their house!

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